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Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) 2019

Thứ hai - 11/03/2019 11:10
The IMS is running a new RIPS program jointly with IPAM/UCLA.
Here is a summary of the new program:
The Research in Industrial Projects for Students Program in Singapore (RIPS-SG) is run by the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) in collaboration with IPAM/UCLA and provides an opportunity for talented undergraduate students to work in international teams on a real-world research project proposed by sponsors. RIPS is a program for students who are enrolled in or have just completed an undergraduate (bachelors) degree. Students with a strong background in mathematics and an interest in seeing how mathematics is used in the real world are encouraged to apply.

The program is eight weeks. IMS provides each undergraduate student NUS and ASEAN student with a travel allowance and a stipend. All participating students will live in residence halls on the NUS campus and will work at IMS. We expect to have three projects. The project sponsors are announced in March. Projects vary, but all involve some math, statistics, data, and computing.

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